Recessed Lighting: Feature and Functions

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With the advancement of modern technology, so many innovations have come into picture. Out of so many lighting technologies, recessed lighting is one of the efficient one. For common understanding, recessed lighting refers to fixtures that are set into ceilings or walls. We can define recessed lighting as a special category of lights which are installed in the ceiling in a recessed cavity so that the light is contained within the cavity itself rather than on the ceiling’s surface. As per history the earliest recessed lights were developed by Ivan Kirlin of the Kirlin Company in 1950s. The most identifiable feature of such lights is it has no external fixture. It creates a clean-looking and lavishing lighting environment both in domestic and professional set ups. The main advantageous point is being a hidden light source it has great energy efficiency and durability.

Basically, recessed lighting fixtures have three parts i.e housing, trim and bulb. The trim is the visible portion of the light. The most common popular trims are like baffle trim, decorative trim, eyeball trim, pinhole trim, reflector trim, shower trim, square trim and wall wash trim etc. The housing means the fixture itself which is installed inside the ceiling and contains the lamp holder. Last but not the least is the types of bulbs that can be inserted into recessed lighting fixtures.


Installation of recessed lighting is considered as an affordable option for lighting of a wide range of spaces. Basically recessed lighting can be installed in case of new construction and remodeling of building purpose. Basing on different type of trims there are various designs of recessed lighting are available. These are available in different colors and styles having different attractive visual options.

It is always a challenging task to choose a competent company in order to get quality recessed lights. But before that it is very much essential to be aware about some important factors like style, cost, proper placement, spacing, installation, type of bulb etc. related to recessed lighting in order to select right one.

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