Fluorescent Lights Vs. Track Lights

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Fluorescent Lights are the white light that is produced as a result of chemical reactions between the soft white phosphor and the neon gas or mercury present in the fluorescent lamp. But the track lighting produces plain yellow light. The fluorescent lights are very bright are used for lighting the entire room as well as eliminate all kind of atmospheric pollutants. Track lighting is usually meant for decorating and focussing certain objects. This is a less powered light and therefore looks beautiful when focussed on the specific object such as decorative items in the living room, bedroom, and study room, kitchen etc.

Because of the soft light, track lighting is best suitable for creating mood to your room and peace your mind. It does not cause any problem to the users as it does not produce glares. But the fluorescent lights due to its bright white colour are not suitable for creating mood. It can eliminate green house gases; carbon-dioxide and other air pollutants from the room whereas track lighting cannot do so. The initial costs of the fluorescent lights are more as well as its installation is very difficult. But the other is less expensive and easy to install.

The durability or the life spans of the fluorescent lights are more that is up to six years which is less in case of track lighting. The energy consumption in case of the former light is very less and therefore it more preferable whereas the energy consumption of the latter is more. Fluorescent lights do not generate heat, therefore it is pleasant. But the track lighting generates an ambient heat which makes the atmosphere of the room comfortable and produces illusion to make the room look larger. The other kind of light does not produces illusion and therefore the room looks the same.

The disposal of the fluorescent lights is very risky as the mercury in it is poisonous. Therefore it should be recycled and not disposed. If it is to be disposed off, then it should be done in a sealed bag and thrown in the garbage. But in case of track lighting, there is no problem regarding the disposal. Thus the importance of fluorescent lights is only to brighten up the room. But the track lighting is to add lights and lamps at different corners of the room a single point Thus it helps to brighten the room from all sides as well as it is used as a spot light.