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Lighting now a days are not only considered as an essential feature of creating a working environment by eradicating darkness but also are used as a decorative feature for both business and home. The concept of track illumination is so unique that basing on your requirement the position and the angle of the lights can be installed. Technically, the fixtures of track lighting can be fixed in any desired place to offer a classical lighting touch.

Basically, in track lighting several lights are attached to a continuous track device. These tracks can be mounted to ceiling or walls sometimes lengthwise down the beams also. But of course the track lighting will be more decorative if it is installed from a high ceiling. Two basic parts of such lighting are the track and the track heads. The track is usually made from metal and may or may not be adhesive whereas the track heads are the light fixtures. Almost all modern light fixtures are compatible with modern, eco-friendly LED and CFL bulbs.


As per requirements there are several track lighting kits available for convenient installations. There are three standard types of tracks used all over the world. They are often termed “H”, “J”, and “L” track. But most importantly, to identify a track fixture, you may use the following rules. One is if it has three contacts, it is probably “H” type. And the second is if the contact-tips are one inch apart, it is probably “J” type, but if they are 7/8 inch apart, it is probably “L” type.

It is very wise able to choose LED Track Lights which offers a lot of benefits. The major benefits are like ensured longer lifespan, high energy efficiency, lower consumption of electricity and most importantly eco friendly.


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