When you compare fluorescent light bulbs with regular bulbs or incandescent light bulbs, as a consumer you can find the significant benefit that these offer you. You can find a number of varieties of fluorescent lights available in the market. The most popular version among them is the compact fluorescent lamps. This type of bulb is similar in size to the general light bulb but instead, the light comes from a coiled or twisted tube. These commercial fluorescent lightings are cost cutting lighting solutions because…Continue Reading “Buy fluorescent lights and enjoy the cost cutting benefits that they provide:”

Fluorescent Lights are the simplest form of light setting system witnessed in most of the household, offices, mechanic shops, libraries, scientific laboratories etc. whereas, a Track lighting is used mostly for all auspicious occasions ,seen much during festive seasons to attract one’s eyes towards something. Fluorescent Lights are affordable and used by all classes of people they have a very long durability and save a lot of time, energy and money. Track lighting is a little expensive and not been used by all sections. It…Continue Reading “Give A New Look To Your Home With Fluorescent Lights”

Light was invented to work even when it is dark. In past years it was difficult to work when it is dark outside. People used to try fire to lighting their workplace or homes. Then in 1879 Thomas Alva Edison invented bulb. Track lighting is one of the newest and latest additions to increase the beauty of any space. Track lighting looks good when someone use Track Lighting instead of bulky and heavy traditional wired lamps. It increases beauty of the house or the path,…Continue Reading “Track Lights Plays A Important Role In The World Of Lights”

In our day to day life we come across two types of lighting such as fluorescent lighting and track lighting. The fluorescent lamps contain mercury or neon gas which upon chemical reaction produces fluorescent lights. This is an energy saving light and has a longer life span and less power. These lamps radiate a spectrum of light and its advanced phosphor formulations are the main cause of its white fluorescent lights. But track lighting is different from the former lighting. Here different types of soothing…Continue Reading “Brief Description On Track Lights And Fluorescent Lighting”

Fluorescent Lights are the white light that is produced as a result of chemical reactions between the soft white phosphor and the neon gas or mercury present in the fluorescent lamp. But the track lighting produces plain yellow light. The fluorescent lights are very bright are used for lighting the entire room as well as eliminate all kind of atmospheric pollutants. Track lighting is usually meant for decorating and focussing certain objects. This is a less powered light and therefore looks beautiful when focussed on…Continue Reading “Fluorescent Lights Vs. Track Lights”

When it comes to light an entire residential building or office, energy efficiency becomes an important issue. Too many bulbs will surely increase the electricity bill because of the energy consumption and it will cost you a lot to buy many bulbs too. For this, Fluorescent Lights are surely the best choice you can make. These lights don’t only brighten up a room more than any other light bulb but it also saves a lot of energy. One Fluorescent light can be enough for a…Continue Reading “Energy Friendly Lighting”

Lighting is an important aspect of the daily life of ours. We need lighting for home, schools, shops, hotels, railway station, hospitals, airports, and for almost every place we visit. Proper lighting accessories can change the look of our rooms and surrounding and give special effect to the things and the people present there. In most of the places specially the commercial ones, fluorescent light is the most common choice but for you can always choose from a wide range of other options. We have…Continue Reading “Advantages Of Fluorescent Lights”

For our houses, the most common component is lightening. We cannot imagine an evening or night when light is not there in our houses. All of us spend most of our evenings in our houses so lighting is very important for all of us. By choosing the proper light sources and the good installation the atmosphere of our house can change. Every room in our house requires a different type of lightning. The living room provides proper atmosphere when the dimmers are used for the…Continue Reading “The Most Used Lights-Fluorescent Lights”

If you want your home to be beautiful then you have to plan it very well. Apart from the wall colors and furniture, you also need to plan the light setting of your home. Only bright lights can make a home look beautiful as they have the power to expose the design and color of your home better. You also need great light settings for a comfortable life. If you really want your home to be lighten up and look beautiful while saving energy then…Continue Reading “Lighting Plan For Home”

Something great happened last week and that’s why I thought of sharing it with everyone. For last few months I was getting huge electricity bills and I was worried for it. The amount was not surprising because my home has 4 big rooms and we generally keep the lights on whole day. What I needed was energy efficient lights and that’s why I sat with my laptop to research about it a bit. What I found was information about Fluorescent Lights and as it seemed…Continue Reading “My Experience With Bulbs”