Fluorescent Lights are the simplest form of light setting system witnessed in most of the household, offices, mechanic shops, libraries, scientific laboratories etc. whereas, a Track lighting is used mostly for all auspicious occasions ,seen much during festive seasons to attract one’s eyes towards something. Fluorescent Lights are affordable and used by all classes of people they have a very long durability and save a lot of time, energy and money. Track lighting is a little expensive and not been used by all sections. It…Continue Reading “Give A New Look To Your Home With Fluorescent Lights”

Light was invented to work even when it is dark. In past years it was difficult to work when it is dark outside. People used to try fire to lighting their workplace or homes. Then in 1879 Thomas Alva Edison invented bulb. Track lighting is one of the newest and latest additions to increase the beauty of any space. Track lighting looks good when someone use Track Lighting instead of bulky and heavy traditional wired lamps. It increases beauty of the house or the path,…Continue Reading “Track Lights Plays A Important Role In The World Of Lights”

In our day to day life we come across two types of lighting such as fluorescent lighting and track lighting. The fluorescent lamps contain mercury or neon gas which upon chemical reaction produces fluorescent lights. This is an energy saving light and has a longer life span and less power. These lamps radiate a spectrum of light and its advanced phosphor formulations are the main cause of its white fluorescent lights. But track lighting is different from the former lighting. Here different types of soothing…Continue Reading “Brief Description On Track Lights And Fluorescent Lighting”

A dwelling place is indeed a reflection of one’s character, it symbolized the status and personal preference of a person and also reveals a person inner qualities. People therefore strive to make their home attractive to others and welcoming to themselves. In this procedure, people take many pains and they indulge themselves in making their dwelling place beautiful and comforting. Generally, people invest in many ways to make their homes decorative according to their taste, starting from new furnishings to wall decorations. We indulge in…Continue Reading “Overhaul Your Bathroom with a New Look – Try Creative Bathroom Lighting Ways”

Track lighting is an advanced kind of lighting in which any kind of light lamps and shades are added to any corners or side of a room from a single point. This also helps you to add many single lamp fixtures depending on your requirement and thus enhances the lighting of the room. The cost of installing many lights is reduced, as in tract lighting the installation is easy and all other light comes from that single junction. All of them are connected by electrical…Continue Reading “Tract Lights And Its Advantages”

Fluorescent Lights are the white light that is produced as a result of chemical reactions between the soft white phosphor and the neon gas or mercury present in the fluorescent lamp. But the track lighting produces plain yellow light. The fluorescent lights are very bright are used for lighting the entire room as well as eliminate all kind of atmospheric pollutants. Track lighting is usually meant for decorating and focussing certain objects. This is a less powered light and therefore looks beautiful when focussed on…Continue Reading “Fluorescent Lights Vs. Track Lights”