For centuries rocks and stones have been found to emit a radiant glow. Human race had not discovered the real causes triggering the appearance of these mysterious lights for ages. It was only in the middle of the nineteenth Century that a Scientist from the University of Cambridge came up with real and practical deductions explaining the meaning of these lights. The professor, Sir George Stokes, further went on to name these lights after the mineral fluorite. A decade later, another innovation on Fluorescent Lights…Continue Reading “Fluorescent lights: A Brief Overview”

Nowadays various kinds of Fluorescent Lights play an important role in the entire home décor.  Compare to other regular lights or incandescent light, fluorescent lights offer all the consumers more benefits from all aspects. Fluorescent lights are present in the market with wide variety to choose from. You can illuminate both the outer and inner portion of your home with these lights. Fluorescent technology was not popular few years ago. With the advancement of time manufacturers have used this technology in small bulbs and fixtures….Continue Reading “Give A New Look To Your Home With Fluorescent Lights”

We all want our house to be a better and beautiful place to live in. The best thing that can enhance the beauty of our house is the use of lights. It goes without saying that beautifully decorated house needs to have properly designed and well managed lights. These days when we prefer to get a lovely look to each and every corner of our homes, bathroom has become one of the most crucial places to get better lighting arrangements. Most of us these days…Continue Reading “Why You Need Proper Well Designed Bathroom Lights”

Most of you are well-known about the popularity of fluorescent light. There are many kinds of lights available in the market. But if you believe only in the best quality product, then fluorescent lights should be your best choice without having any hesitation. There was a time when Fluorescent technology was only used in the lights that are used in the showrooms, factories and work shops. But in last few years, this technology is being used in lights that are used in households. This type…Continue Reading “Illuminate Your Home With Fluorescent Lights”

When fluorescent light was invented in the year 1938, no one ever imagined how beneficial this invention was to the upcoming generation. In this era of global warming, fluorescent lights are no less than a boon to this civilization of human beings. At this moment where people are encouraged to use environment friendly products, fluorescent lights form a major portion of the sale. You can see the use of fluorescent light in every home, office or commercial building. Various powerful features are responsible for such…Continue Reading “Fluorescent Lights: An Environment Friendly Substitute”

Initially for most of the people, light meant the simple incandescent light invented by Thomas Alva Edison. It was only in 1857, that a French physicist named Alexandre E. Beckquerel investigated the phenomenon of fluorescence and phosphorescence. He created a general theory of making fluorescent bulbs from the fluorescent light. He conducted various experiments which resulted in the invention of fluorescent light bulbs. But it was only in the year 1938 that the fluorescent light lamps were first sold. The major use of fluorescent light…Continue Reading “Fluorescent Light: Illuminating The World Since Ages”

Incandescent bulb produces a plain yellow light which may spoil the overall look of your home or work place. No matter how good colors you might have used, the yellow light mixes with them to produce something that is not very suitable or stylish. This is the time when you should replace your incandescent fixtures with fluorescent light lamps. Fluorescent light lamps produce a very colder light as compared to incandescent bulbs. This will give you a softer look and will eliminate all the excess…Continue Reading “Decorate Your Home With Fluorescent Light”

Nowadays most of you are very much conscious about the overall home décor. Various kinds of designer lights play an important role to enhance the beauty of both outdoor and indoor of a home. You can find yourself confused while purchasing lights for your home as there many kinds of lights available in the market to choose from. If you prefer to purchase best quality product only, then you should go for choosing fluorescent light. This particular kind of light is present in the market…Continue Reading “An Overview Of Fluorescent Light”