Track Lights and its Usefulness

Basically, this type of lighting is installed on a mounting track fixed to your ceiling. Track lighting is highly flexible in allowing the actual lights to be twisted or angled in such a way as to offer the right illumination. Track lighting is an effective way to add proper lighting to an entire room. It also provides decent lighting to highlight special features such as artwork or other areas that needs special attention. Modern innovation have made track lighting very user friendly and flexible in comparison to traditional track lighting. It also allows more artistic flexibility. The main purposes of track lighting are for highlighting and illumination.

There are lots of work places where more illumination is needed. A decorative track lighting fixture can produce a broader and much more useful spot of light in comparison to other lights.


It may happen; the place you want to install track lighting may not have power connectivity. In this case, the track connectors like L or T adaptor solve the problem as these are unobtrusive and blend into the track lighting layout. These adaptors offer a magnificent flexibility to connect the power source from where you want to install your Track lighting fixture. The installation of tracks, lighting heads or lighting cans are placed in the track and positioned in order to provide the exact lighting we want.

Basically installation of track lighting fixture is not merely supplying adequate light to your workplace. You might want to determine which angles deliver the right lighting result. So you should be concerned about the exact lighting want.


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Under Cabinet Lighting and Its Effectiveness

Everyone wants a perfect lighting in each and every room in order to create a healthy and working atmosphere. But some of the rooms like kitchen it does not become possible to make proper lighting. Reason is that the cabinets create large shadows which make it difficult cooking experience. Sometimes it also becomes difficult to clean the kitchen which may result bacterial growth. From this point of view, Under Cabinet Lighting is definitely the right solution in order to get the desired light in kitchen.

The essence of this type of lighting is to prioritize the counter tops so this is most suitable for bar area, the kitchen or the bathroom. If your counter-tops are made up of marble, granite or stone, you need a good lighting bulb under the cabinets. It gives a nice effect where the white patches of the granite reflect resulting enhanced the kitchen decor a lot.


In comparison to other cabinet lighting solutions, the cabinet lighting structure with LED technology is most appropriate for the purpose. With LED under cabinet lighting, there are many remarkable differences. For starters, you will get the most natural looking source of light possible. This light also remits negligible heat than other lighting choices, which ensures fruit and other sensitive foods without the need to worry.

The most advantageous points of such light are-

  1. Easy installation process.
  2. The lighting fixtures are readily available in the market in a reliable rate.
  3. Basing on your lighting need you can choose either low or high voltage varieties.
  4. With LED technology it ensures energy efficiency, durability, and Eco-friendly atmosphere.

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Modern Track Lights and its Effectiveness

Proper lighting has a great importance in creating a sound and working environment. In earlier days, people used to use conventional lighting methods like metal halide and high pressure sodium. Today’s technological advancements are simply the results of continuous efforts and experimentation’s with the conventional methods to make it more users friendly. For example LED, that proved its efficiency by creating a smooth and pleasant lighting environment.


Modern Track Lighting is one of the most significant LED lights which are available in various shapes, sizes and specifications. This is highly effective in order to enlighten your work rooms, kitchens, game rooms and any other area that require localized lighting. The concept of track lighting is so special that you can set your own position and the angle of the lights to be installed. Technically, it is very much viable to offer a classical lighting touch with a greater flexibility. Mechanically, these lights have two basic parts i.e the track and the track heads. Usually, the track is made from metal may or may not have adhesive whereas the track heads are the light fixtures. Recent technology has added so many value additions in order to make it more users friendly. These are like-

  1. It is now available in ‘S’ shaped which is very flexible.
  2. You can get the track lights having smaller sections.
  3. Modern track lighting is widely available in various bright colors such as yellow, red, and blue and green.
  4. These lights are very energy efficient ultimately cost efficient.
  5. In the modern marketing trends, so many online retailers offer quality lights in most attractive prices sometimes without shipping charges.
  6. Non emission of toxic gases that means purely Eco friendly.
  7. It has lower maintenance costs and having a longer life span.


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Decorate Your Interior with Recessed Lighting

Modern technology has brought so many innovations in day to day life. Recessed lighting is undoubtedly a user friendly lighting technology pervasively used now a days. After its invention from 1950, so many useful features have been added to it. The most remarkable feature is that these lights have no external features. Recessed lighting can be defined as a special category of lights which are installed in the ceiling in a recessed cavity so that the light is contained within the cavity itself not on the ceiling’s surface. The most positive points of such light is that it creates a clean-looking and bright lighting having high energy efficiency and durability.


Recessed lights are generally used by architects and interior designers. These lights offer its residents a relaxed and soothing lighting effect. Recessed lights are usually installed in the form of can lights which will fit the holes in the ceiling they were fitted for. It is suggested that you should hire the professional electrician to guide the installation team of your recessed lighting. In case of complicated installation of recessed lighting procedure, you may need the assistance of a professional lighting engineer. The lighting engineer not only knows how to install recessed lighting, but also he can assess where this lighting is really needed, and how many lights should be placed in different parts of the structure.


Replacing old light fixtures with new can lights requires thorough analysis of the total energy consumed by the use of recessed lights as compared to the energy consumption of the old light fixtures. So it is highly needed to choose a professional manufacturer for getting quality recessed lights.

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Recessed Lighting: Feature and Functions

With the advancement of modern technology, so many innovations have come into picture. Out of so many lighting technologies, recessed lighting is one of the efficient one. For common understanding, recessed lighting refers to fixtures that are set into ceilings or walls. We can define recessed lighting as a special category of lights which are installed in the ceiling in a recessed cavity so that the light is contained within the cavity itself rather than on the ceiling’s surface. As per history the earliest recessed lights were developed by Ivan Kirlin of the Kirlin Company in 1950s. The most identifiable feature of such lights is it has no external fixture. It creates a clean-looking and lavishing lighting environment both in domestic and professional set ups. The main advantageous point is being a hidden light source it has great energy efficiency and durability.

Basically, recessed lighting fixtures have three parts i.e housing, trim and bulb. The trim is the visible portion of the light. The most common popular trims are like baffle trim, decorative trim, eyeball trim, pinhole trim, reflector trim, shower trim, square trim and wall wash trim etc. The housing means the fixture itself which is installed inside the ceiling and contains the lamp holder. Last but not the least is the types of bulbs that can be inserted into recessed lighting fixtures.


Installation of recessed lighting is considered as an affordable option for lighting of a wide range of spaces. Basically recessed lighting can be installed in case of new construction and remodeling of building purpose. Basing on different type of trims there are various designs of recessed lighting are available. These are available in different colors and styles having different attractive visual options.

It is always a challenging task to choose a competent company in order to get quality recessed lights. But before that it is very much essential to be aware about some important factors like style, cost, proper placement, spacing, installation, type of bulb etc. related to recessed lighting in order to select right one.

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Choose the Right Manufacturer and Get Quality Track Lights

Lighting now a days are not only considered as an essential feature of creating a working environment by eradicating darkness but also are used as a decorative feature for both business and home. The concept of track illumination is so unique that basing on your requirement the position and the angle of the lights can be installed. Technically, the fixtures of track lighting can be fixed in any desired place to offer a classical lighting touch.

Basically, in track lighting several lights are attached to a continuous track device. These tracks can be mounted to ceiling or walls sometimes lengthwise down the beams also. But of course the track lighting will be more decorative if it is installed from a high ceiling. Two basic parts of such lighting are the track and the track heads. The track is usually made from metal and may or may not be adhesive whereas the track heads are the light fixtures. Almost all modern light fixtures are compatible with modern, eco-friendly LED and CFL bulbs.


As per requirements there are several track lighting kits available for convenient installations. There are three standard types of tracks used all over the world. They are often termed “H”, “J”, and “L” track. But most importantly, to identify a track fixture, you may use the following rules. One is if it has three contacts, it is probably “H” type. And the second is if the contact-tips are one inch apart, it is probably “J” type, but if they are 7/8 inch apart, it is probably “L” type.

It is very wise able to choose LED Track Lights which offers a lot of benefits. The major benefits are like ensured longer lifespan, high energy efficiency, lower consumption of electricity and most importantly eco friendly.


VGK Lighting is one of the renowned lighting companies which have a significant track record of success of in providing quality lights. Integrity, Quality and customer centric approach are three mile stones stone of our business ethics.  We work in a spirit of fulfilling the expectation of our potential customers. So we take utmost care in the quality control in each step.

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First-Rate Gamut of Track Lighting

To compliment your décor, new ways of lighting has been introduced which are adaptable, smart and versatile in nature so as to meet your unique individual needs which are known as Track Lighting. They allow you to direct and position the angle of the lights; some models also enable you to move each lamp to your desired position along the track so as to give you your desired vibe.

Track lighting is a technique of placing fixtures in any desired place to enhance and completely give a touch of class to a space. Tracks can be mounted to ceilings or walls, lengthwise down beams, or crosswise across rafters or joists.

Typical systems have line voltage running through a recessed track.

There are three standard types of tracks used in the world. They are often termed “H”, “J”, and “L” track.

More modern systems are available with low voltage running through the track which is decorative In this case, the fixture may clamp onto a track made of two metal strips separated with an insulating strip. The track is powered by a transformer which converts the high voltage into low voltage. There are magnetic and electronic transformers.

Places where track lighting can be installed are very vast and it depends on the user where he wants to get them set.

As you can move your lights to any position along the track in addition to being able to adjust the lights themselves, track lighting is a good way of maintaining maximum flexibility. In such type of installments, LED Track Lighting plays a vital role. These lights provide you with a refreshing scenario of the area as never before. These remain focused on a place with the help of individual LED Track Lighting Fixtures rather than oscillations done by incandescent or fluorescent lights.

Choosing LED Track Lights would benefit in many ways like, it has large lifespan, do not consume electricity, do not generate excess heat, they are cost efficient and last but not the least they are energy efficient solutions. They can sustain any kind of indoor or outdoor weather conditions so they can operate any kind of weather conditions. If you opt for LED that has a dimpled lens that will uniformly disperse the proportion of light. There is no necessity of changing lens to change the colors.

Track lighting with Line Voltage creates ample lighting and provide great task lighting solution. Line voltage track lighting is not only providing flexibility for your lighting arrangement but also getting hassles-free for parts replacement. It’s versatility in applications are quite suitable to different spaces like showroom, commercial or residential spaces, hotel, beauty parlour etc. Line Voltage track lights heads do not require a transformer making the base which connects to the track a lot smaller and most of the heads are fully dimmable with any incandescent dimmer.

So without making any delay, grab the first-rate gamut of track lights from our company’s website online at astounded prices.

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One Stop Shopping place for Recessed Lighting

Whether it’s time to build a new house/office or to renovate old ones, recessed lighting is a great option for solving lighting solutions considering the style statement of the space. Recessed Lighting is one of the most versatile lighting options which can be used almost anywhere availing in market and online too. It can increase the amount of light in a room, highlight artwork or other special features. It can visually trick the eye by making the space appear larger than it is. Creating any cracks in the ceiling itself. Without creating any cracks in the ceiling, it can be simply embedded in the ceiling,  bathroom corners or wall pockets that emphasizes the size of the room much more in comparison to other lighting solutions Ensuring all the facts of recessed lights our company offers you with a wide engaging multiplicity of products.

A recessed light or down light, is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When installed it appears to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction as a floodlight or spotlight.

Basically there are three components to be considered in recessed lighting: trim, housing and lamps.

Trim: it is the visible portion of the light. It is the insert that is seen when looking up into the fixture, and also includes the thin lining around the edge of the light. Modern recessed light trims come in a variety of styles but need to correspond with the housing. Below are many types of trim available:

-Most popularly baffle in black and white trims are used to absorb extra light creating a crisp architectural appearance.

-aperture trims which are cone in shape to produce low-brightness.

-lens trim mostly found in wet locations designed to provide a diffused light and protect the lamp

And many more like eyeballs and adjustable, open, reflectors, wall washers, decorative etc.

Housing: The housing is the fixture itself that is installed inside the ceiling and contains the lamp holder.

Depending on whether you are making a new one or remodeling IC/Non-IC ceiling insulation and Air Tight/energy Efficient housing are used.

-IC rated housings used if ceiling is insulated and non-IC used when ceiling not insulated.

-Air tight housing are energy efficient since they allow little heat or cool air.

Now days LED recessed light is popularly used in day to day lives. LED & modern recessed lights sport a lot of advantages prior to other lighting sources such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Light-emitting diodes (LED) are PN junction devices that give off light radiation when biased in the forward direction. They are highly durable. To have a bright illumination with less consumption of energy, LED recessed lights are admirable to be used.

You can reach out to us for any assistance in installing procedure of recessed lighting without any problem uplifting your décor’s beauty. To meet the challenge of providing vertical illumination from a sloped ceiling, we carry fixtures complete with dual angle adjustments and ellipsoidal recessed light trims to compensate for sloped angles with as small of an aperture as possible.


About Track Lighting

Track Lighting is simply a versatile piece of lighting fixture which can be utilized in a variety of ways. It is a very useful piece to have for your home décor needs. Illuminate your drawing room corners and bring into focus a gorgeous painting using the track lights. You can decorate your home with multiple themes using the track lights. Bring out a range of effects starting from the quite minimal to the highly dramatic. The handling of these lights is also very easy, so that anybody can do it without any problems. These flexible track lights have a hassle free installation. If you wish to be innovative in your home interior decorations, all you need to do is to make the right use of track lights. This way you are sure to achieve a look to be proud of.

Features and the purpose of track lighting

Track lights as the name suggests consist of a track and a track head. It is in the track head that the light bulb is placed and the wiring remains inside the track. The conventional track lights come in white or silver color and are industrial in appearance. The use of track light is in targeted lighting and also has some general lighting purposes. However you cannot use a track light as a book light or in table lamps. Also track lights can be placed in one single file on various walls. You can choose from a wide array which is available in the market since the Track Lighting come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Using the track lights

You may connect the track lights to the existing power connections in your home and then related to the switches for illumination.

Styles and sizes

Whether you are looking to decorate your home in traditional, modern or transitional decors, you are sure to find a Track Lighting system that satisfies your requirements. There are bronze, silver and even faux wood light systems to match the theme in your room. The heads containing the light bulbs can also have a variety of styles including sconce, frosted or art glass, pendant and brushed steel. You can choose from small track with two heads to longer ones with as many as eight heads. There is a wide variation in the shapes of the Track Lighting too. There is S-shape, two-tier lighting as well as spiral shape track lights.


Use Right Planning For Track Lights Up Your Home

If you are planning to install new lights for your kitchen then the under cabinet lighting will surely be your best choice for that. We all know that the kitchen is a place where you need to plan the lighting well to make sure that none of the corners are under shadow. For that it is important to install lights made especially for kitchen. The under cabinet lighting is surely what you need for that. This is a system where you can install chain of lights or a long strap light under your kitchen cabinets. If you install enough of them then your kitchen will surely become a place with the best lighting.

The under cabinet lighting can be of many types. However, the LED lights are surely the most effective ones and they are the most used ones too. The white colored LED lights provide you with the most natural white light which make your kitchen look beautiful. They are also less heat generating and eco friendly. It is advised that you use multiple small under cabinet lighting and install them at least six inch away from each other. You have to take measures of the cabinets and then buy lights according to that. You can buy the long ones too. A long one of these lights is enough for one cabinet.

If you want dramatic lights for other rooms of your home, which can make things look beautiful then the best choice of lights for you will be Track Lighting. These kinds of lightings can be of many types. You can get the fixed ones which you can install on the wall or on the ceiling. There are curvy tracks which provide you with creative lighting options. However, the flexible Track Lighting can be your best choice for home as they can be used to light up difficult corners of a room or you can use them to light a painting on the wall or a particular centerpiece.

The Track Lighting can be brought from the online light and equipment stores. There are plenty of them and they have a long range of lights that you can choose according to your needs. If you have something specific in mind then the online stores will be the best place to find it. The Track Lighting is energy efficient and lowers you electricity bills every month and make sure that you are served with best performance for low cost.

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